low carb dietIn the past, it would never have even occurred to you to look for foods that were low in carbohydrates. This is because it was well understood that carbohydrates are good for energy and for “bulking up.”

If you were going to run in a race or play a game the next day, you would have eaten a meal full of carbohydrates. In recent years, however, carbohydrates have been named Enemy Number One by pop diet gurus.

When it comes to nutrition, the truth is more complicated than a simple formula such as “all carbs are good” or “all carbs are bad.” Rather than trying to avoid carbohydrates altogether, it’s best to focus on ones that are healthy and natural, and to eat these in moderate quantities -so a low carb diet, with some modifications, is actually a good idea. It’s not difficult to eat a low carb diet. Check it out:

Substitute cauliflower for rice. If you’re looking for a healthy low carb food, cauliflower is an excellent choice. While ordinary rice takes at least twenty minutes to cook, cauliflower can be cooked in about half that time.

Cauliflower, then, is not only lower in carbs than rice, but it can help you cook meals more efficiently. The only thing you’ll be giving up when you use cauliflower rather than rice is some unwanted carbs. Cauliflower usually costs more than rice, which is the one disadvantage it has. Nonetheless, it has many beneficial qualities and can help you reduce the carbohydrates you consume in your diet.

Do you love cheese? Would it be really difficult to give up, if you had to? The good news is that you won’t have to give up cheese if you take on a low carbohydrate diet. Truthfully, there are hardly any carbohydrates contained in most cheeses.

You should check out the cheese you like to see if is a low carb cheese, or if it is actually free of carbs, before you decide to eat it. There are many poor choices when it comes to cheese, because the high amounts of oil and fat in the processed cheeses is a worse alternative than the carbs.

Eating only food that you prepare yourself is the simplest way to eat fewer carbohydrates. Think about yourself and your eating habits, would you rather pack your lunch than go out with the group to a fast food restaurant with high carb foods.

When you make dinner out of low carb foods, the leftovers would make a nice lunch, that would be a much healthier choice, especially for the low carb crowd. You have a better chance of not eating the unhealthy food found in a convenience store, if you know that you have a tasty lunch waiting for you, so you don’t need the bad for your waistline, high carbohydrate foods.

Consuming carbohydrates might be enjoyable, but there are lots of ways to cut them out. It really isn’t that difficult to eat a low carb diet. It is always good to talk to a doctor before making a lifestyle change, and a nutritionist knows food, so both can get you started on the right path, making sure that your new low carb lifestyle will have a very good chance of working.

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